Why care about people???


I’ll use an example that you’ll recognize if you have children.

What do you say to your child when he/she comes home and complains that someone told them they’re ugly or that they don’t want to play or be friends with them anymore?

Do you just tell them, “Oh don’t start that”.  Or, “Can’t you guys just get along”?

I dont’ know what you say but this happened to my little girl AGAIN at the beginning of the week.  (This week marks the beginning of the new school year)

When she came home and told me that another little girl said some awful things to her.  After I reassured my daughter, I told her, “The next time she says something like that,  you ask her why is she being so mean and before she answers put your arm around her and tell her that you’re her friend”.  Now, please consider my little girl is 7.  There are different ways of approaching this depending on the age of the child.  But this is not a blog about child rearing.  I’m merely using this example to illustrate my point.

You see…  people …  You, me, that guy and the next…  All we want is to be acknowledged.  Reassured, if you will.  Really.  We want to know that we’re not invisible.  That others care.

You don’t have to give insencere compliments.  Smile at the homeless guy.  Help someone else’s child back up when you see them fall at the playground.  Interact with the people you see at Starbuck’s every morning.  Email your children’s teacher and tell her thanks for having the patience he/she has.  Give the mail man a “Coke and a smile”.  The next time you go to the doctor ask him how HE is doing.  Answer your emails.  Respond to a voice message.

Think of it this way.  If you slow your car down when an animal is crossing the street so you won’t hit it, why would’t you slow down for other human beings.  Really… If you have courtesy for an animal, doesn’t it make sense to have it for people?

Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Youtube and the rest are full of people screaming, “HEY!  LOOK AT ME!  I’M OVER HERE”!

We’re all sharing this planet.  🙂  When you make someone feel like they matter, like you care, like they have worth…  You my friend, have the key to success beyond your wildest imagination.


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