Texting while driving is EXTREMELY dangerous…

Okay, so if you’re perfect then you’ve probably NEVER texted while driving or Twittered or checked your Facebook status or read your email on your phone while you were driving.

If you’re not perfect then you probably have.

Last week I was checking my email (from home) and saw this video.  It was actually a link to the Youtube URL.  It is NOT SUITABLE FOR LITTLE EYES.  It is VERY GRAPHIC.

Watching this video put it in such REAL terms for me….  Exactly what can happen when you take your eyes off the road and you’re driving.

I drive with my precious, 2 children.  Imagining this scenario alone, makes me anxious!  I would literally DIE if I looked over and I saw my family in this predicament, all because I took my eyes off the road…

I was driving today and picked up the phone to click on an application and find some information.  I quickly handed the phone to my husband and let him do it.

Watch this video but be WARNED.  IT IS GRAPHIC!!!!  After you watch…  Let me know what your thoughts are, please.  Also, after you watch, please let everyone living in your house that has a driver’s license watch it as well.


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One response to “Texting while driving is EXTREMELY dangerous…

  1. bitu

    always drive very carefully because life comes only once and also the damage part of bodies cant bhy from the market.

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