Don’t do it!

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There are 100 days left until the end of the year.  What goals did you have on January 1st that fell by the way side?  I propose a 100 day challenge.  Truthfully speaking…  Have you ever done anything “positive” for 100 days straight?  Seriously.  We all know what we’ve done for the past 265 days.

I challenge you to take some time this weekend and WRITE down goals in all areas of your life.  These include health, wealth, happiness, spiritual, etc… Don’t do it…  But don’t complain anymore either.

Write these goals down by Sunday, October 4th.  If you’re bold and want some accountability, post your goals as a comment to this blog. Don’t do it…  But don’t be mad when the rest of us achieve ours.

I will be blogging about how to achieve goals once a week.  You don’t need to do any of the exercises…  But if you want change.  If you want to achieve those goals.  If you want to challenge yourself…  I encourage you to do the exercises and I encourage you to post about it here, as you move forward for the next 100 days.  A lot can happen in 100 days.  Don’t do it…  And nothing will change.

I’ll be the first to post that my biggest goal is to be consistent in my workouts.  I feel better and my stress level is almost non existent when I consistently workout, yet I don’t make the time for it.   My second goal is to finish paying off my debt.  I’m almost there!  YES!!!  My third goal is to be consistent in my blogging.   I will come up with some more and add them to this blog by Sunday.

Come on.  You too.  Be accountable.  Let’s hold each other accountable.  Shock yourself 100 days from now.  Don’t do it…  But no pity parties allowed.

Don’t do it!  I DARE YOU!!!!



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2 responses to “Don’t do it!

  1. sandi conner

    I would like be more consistant in my workouts, and keep better track of calories consumed.

    • Sandi!

      Thanks for stopping by the blog. I will post up a blog with some FREE sites where you can journal your food and workouts and anything else I can remember.

      I’m so glad you want to finish out your year strong. If you need or want some one on one accountability, email me directly.

      Either way… keep checking the blog. And also, if there are any topics you want to see a blog on, let me know… As you can tell, I love writing about whatever! 🙂

      Have a great Sunday and here’s to the rest of the year!


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