Terms Of  Use

You are reading lindahayles.wordpress.com blog of your own free will and you take the information I provide at your own risk.

Copyright Policy

This is a personal blog for Linda Hayles.  Unless otherwise noted, Linda Hayles is the legal copyright holder of the material on this blog and it may not be used, reprinted, or published without prior written consent.

Hold Harmless

The information provided at lindahayles.wordpress.com is for entertainment purposes only.  Linda Hayles does not provide medical, legal or other professional advice.  You are reading and/or using any of the information from this blog at your own risk.

Privacy Statement

Your information WILL NOT be put on spam lists.  Your contact information will not be sold to another company.  Linda Hayles is not responsible for the privacy practices of the advertisers on this blog or blog commenters.

Reserve Rights

Linda Hayles reserves the right to change the focus of this blog, to shut it down, to sell it, or to change the terms of use without prior notice.

Advertisers and Sponsors

Linda Hayles is not responsible for the actions of the advertisers or sponsors of this blog.  If you, the reader purchase a product or service based upon a link from this blog, you the reader must take action with that company to resolve the issue, not Linda Hayles.

Letters To The Editor

Linda Hayles reserves the right to use the content of your letters and emails in upcoming blogs, books or columns.  However, Linda Hayles will keep your identity CONFIDENTIAL, unless you give written consent to use your real identity.  Letters and emails sent to linda@lindahayles.com are property of Linda Hayles.

Blogroll Rules

The blogs posted on my blogroll are blogs I personally keep up with.  My blogroll is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all the good blogs out there.  This is a list of ones I’ve discovered and liked enough to keep following.  There are literally thousands of good blogs, and no one can possibly read them all, but these are the things I look for when deciding to add a blog to one of my categories:

  1. Does this blog actively link to other bloggers?
  2. Does the blog feature topics that interests me?
  3. Is this blogger posting regularly?
  4. Does the blog reflect the unique voice of that person, with reasonably good writing, punctuation, and grammar?
  5. Are there videos or photos or other design elements that catch my attention and is the site designed for easy navigation?
  6. If the blog has a link to Lindahayles.wordpress.com, it certainly gets my attention.  I don’t do link exchanges with other blogs just because they ask for a link.  (It’s considered bad blogging etiquette to ask for a link, in case you’re a new blogger and don’t realize it.)  However, I LOVE LOVE discovering new blogs.  If your blog doesn’t appear here and you think it might interest me, feel free to send me an e-mail at linda@lindahayles.com sending the url of your blog and asking me to take a look.  If your blog seems interesting I’ll probably follow it for a while in my feed reader, and might eventually add it to my blogroll.

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