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Angry? No, not me


Do you ever???

  • Make light of real issues going on in your life?
  • Have people tell you that your humor is very sarcastic?
  • Find yourself in an argument and feel like you can’t contain yourself?  Like you’re going to explode?
  • Make people laugh?  Are the life of the party but inside you feel like running away?
  • Have people compliment how great your life is but you really hate it?
  • Let days, weeks or months pass by before you tell someone they upset you?
  • Find yourself being extremely judgmental?

These are some examples of what suppressed anger feels or looks like.  None of them mean that you have anger problems.  But a combination of them should bring to your awareness the fact that you ARE angry.

These also are the very same feelings someone may feel when they’re depressed.  Well, let me let you in on something.  Suppressed anger leads to depression.

Listen, don’t hold your anger in.  Manage it properly with daily exercise, by doing things that make you happy, by leaving the scene when you find yourself feeling out of control, and by just refusing to engage with that other person.

I know this is easier said than done, but seriously, no one else is responsible for what you do or what you feel.  Ouch.  I know.  You can’t control what someone else is going to do.  You can only control how you react to it.  So take control of your life.  Sometimes that may mean getting rid of that particular friendship or relationship.

I always say, “You only get one stab at this thing called life.  Man, enjoy it.”  What’s the point of living unhappy day in and day out?  Live your life.  Don’t let someone else dictate how you feel.  Be  happy.


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